There are no failed photographs

Now, at The Hague Museum of Photography, you will find the photo exhibition “There are no failed photographs” with photographs of Gerard Fieret.

“I want to have it all. There are no failed photographs.” – Gerard Fieret


Self-portrait by Gerard Fieret

Almost no other body of photography is as strange and idiosyncratic as that of Gerard Fieret (1924-2009). This outstanding photographer was an obsessive recorder of everything that came his way: people, animals, street scenes and himself. Most especially, however, he loved to photograph women – models, students, young mothers, dancers and waitresses – or just parts of their bodies, such as breasts, feet or long legs, in isolation. Although his non-stop photographic activities were concentrated into a period of just ten years (1965-1975), Gerard Fieret generated an enormous oeuvre. In the Netherlands he is seen as a pioneer of photography as a form of autonomous visual art. Over recent years his work has also attracted increasing international interest. Even so, he is less well-known to the general public than contemporaries like Paul Huf and Ed van der Elsken. In collaboration with the Le Bal photographic centre in Paris, The Hague Museum of Photography is now holding the first major monographic exhibition on Gerard Fieret since his death.


Secondary displays
The Hague Museum of Photography’s main Gerard Petrus Fieret exhibition is accompanied by two other related displays. The first is a presentation of portraits showing Fieret through the eyes of other photographers, such as Koos Breukel, Willem Diepraam, Ferenc Molnar and Roger Cremers. The second takes the form of a wall sculpture commissioned by the museum from Dutch artist Monika Dahlberg (b. 1975). Incorporating Fieret’s photographs and displaying them in a totally new way, the piece is a tribute to Fieret’s oeuvre.

Fotomuseum - Gerard Fieret 2.JPG

Artwork by Monika Dahlberg

Exhibition There are no failed photographs
Now until September 10. 2017

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